IT Maintenance & Support by remote maintenance and on site

We ensure that your IT systems run as failure-free as possible!

Our philosophy is to be proactive and to prevent problems.

Should an emergency nevertheless occur, we react immediately! 19 years of experience in support have shown us that in most cases no on-site appointment is needed to solve your IT problems. This saves you time, nerves and unnecessary costs.

With our IT remote maintenance service we provide fast and uncomplicated assistance in case of need. No installation or configuration is required to set up a remote maintenance session.

It works so easy:

  • Download TeamViewer
  • Start TeamViewer
  • Follow the instructions on the screen
  • Telephone contact (+43 662 231 022) with us
  • After disconnecting the session, you close TeamViewer and access to your PC is then no longer possible.


Of course, the remote maintenance software TeamViewer ensures data protection and data security.

If a problem can not be solved remotely, we are of course also happy to provide you with on-site expertise