In IT, it’s usually not enough just to install them. Instead, regular care and maintenance is required to ensure smooth operation and get the most out of your system.

Large companies can afford a permanent team of experts for these ongoing activities. For small and medium-sized companies, however, this is often not feasible for personal and business reasons. Our customized outsourcing solutions mean that our customers do not have to forego these professional services, but have a calculable opportunity to benefit from enterprise IT support.

As a rule, our team controls, maintains and updates your IT system constantly. Acute hardware and software problems will be provided by a local technician or by our expert telephone support via remote maintenance, as needed.

Our Services


Standby and Emergency Service

Do you have business-critical IT processes that are not based on normal business hours?

Procurement and Trade

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IT Security

Against attacks on your system you are only protected by the right security solution.

Hosted Services

Your applications and data reside on a high-performance server farm in a high-security data center.

Planning & Implementation

With a professional planning, a reliable implementation and a continuous care you are well taken care of with us.

Maintenance and Support

Our Expert team constantly monitors, maintains and updates your IT system, keeping it up to date.

Price Model

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Profitable Investment

The complex of measures to promote the site and opportunity to be profitable over the years. It is help you save your money.